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The Good Juju Charity Project is a registered charitable organization under the Jamaica Charities Act, 2013, registration number cA100-484C. The Good Juju Charity Project is an official affiliate of the Eastwick Foundation, a 501-Sc Organization based in New Jersey, USA, a non-for-profit focused on educational scholarships and assistance.

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Our Story

The Good Juju Charity Project was founded in 2011 by Juju Tours owner, Angela Eastwick. Angela had just moved to Jamaica from New York and was selling tours on Negril’s Seven Mile Beach when she met her very first tour customers, Paul and Wanda from Tennessee. The couple, who first asked that Angi take them to a commercialized setting like Rick’s Café, surprisingly changed their minds at pickup and asked to visit the off-the-beaten-path community of Broughton in which she was currently living. Angela hadn’t plans to bring visitors there but she would soon learn why Broughton would be the home of what was to be Juju’s most special excursion.

Upon their return, Paul and Wanda wrote Angela asking how they could help the locals they met on their tour. Just a small fishing community and very impoverished, the district of Broughton is unlike Negril, which receives frequent assistance from hotels and visitors. And so Juju’s exclusive Countryside Tour was born; an opportunity for visitors to safely explore Jamaica’s smaller villages while simultaneously supporting the people in need they met along the way. Angela began to encourage future customers to bring donations: school supplies, shoes, first aid items and toys in exchange for a 10% discount on their excursion and allowed them to distribute the items directly to the locals themselves.

Good Juju is best known for its Send-a-Child-to-School-Program which provides a free education to thirty children a year in a small Broughton nursery school. Today, the non-profit is involved with an array of educational, medical and family-oriented outreach efforts, mainly based in the less-known outskirts of Negril. The Good Juju Charity Project is an official affiliate of New Jersey’s Eastwick Foundation and a chosen partner of the Vela Youth Foundation. Read more about our community outreach efforts and accomplishments here.



Scholarship Recipients

Thanks to our generous donors, thirty students each year since 2012 have attended basic school for free via our Send-a-Child-to-School Program. Each student receives brand new uniforms, school shoes, book bags, a daily nutritional lunch, school supplies and transportation to school. The school’s staff also receives monthly pay through the program’s subsidies.  THANK YOU to those who have made this program possible! You have given an invaluable gift to both parents and child.


Nursery School Renovations

Juju Tours’ very first community outreach project took place in 2012 when the company raised money to renovate the Broughton Remnant Basic School. The facility received a new ceiling, tiles, wall fans, refrigerator, walkway, sink from which to drink and wash hands, bed for naptime and a seesaw. The improvements made to the facility offered a more comfortable learning environment for both students and staff as previous conditions proved to be unsanitary and dangerously hot.


Broughton School Playground Project

In 2014, the McKale, Foster and Rest families of Canada joined forces with The Good Juju Charity Project and The Eastwick Foundation of New Jersey to have built the first-ever playground for Jamaica’s Broughton Primary School.  The Canadian families worked diligently to raise money and succeeded in collecting nearly $7000 USD. The Good Juju Charity Project managed the project and saw to its completion.


Ceteeber’s Journey to Mobility

In 2012, a generous JuJu guest name Alex Rodriguez from California donated a brand new motorized wheelchair to Ceteeber, a young mother of three who was born with severe birth defects which left her with only one full limb. With Alex’s incredible donation, Ceteeber could travel out of her yard without asking someone to push her in her former wheelchair, an outdated contraption and in poor condition. Nonetheless, maintaining the motorized wheelchair proved to be a great challenge for Ceteeber and her family. The road conditions quickly damaged the wheels, parts have been nearly impossible to find and the batteries extremely expensive to replace.

We were thrilled to learn that in the Spring of 2016, Dr. Brandon Sampson, Dr. Daniel Tellijohn and Rachel Raub of Minessota's Limb Lab had deciding to make the incredible decision of gifting free prosthetic to a group of disabled Jamaican natives, Ceteeber being one of the lucky recipients. Considering the severity of her physical situation, the doctors have begun fitting her with short prosthetic legs. Though it might be a very long process, the prosthetics will continue to elongate as she learns to balance. Pictures of her first fitting are below. Stay tuned as she gears to take on a life she has never imagined!



CPR is a critical skill for all, but even more so for Jamaicans living in poverty due to the scarce presence of ambulances in poor communities. Nurses Debbie Montone and Lisa Barone of Hawthorne, N.J. visited Jamaica of March, 2017 to provide free CPR and First AID training to gift various groups in Jamaica with a life-changing skill. The entire student body of Broughton Primary School, including the staff, were the first to receive their free training. Hands-on instruction was also provided to the students and staff of the Broughton Remnant Basic School as well as to the parents. Debbie and Lisa plan on returning to Jamaica in 2018 to continue their extensive coaching to more schools, parents and staff of small, locally owned businesses. 

Nurses Debbie Montone and Lisa Barone of Van Dyke Assisted Living in Hawthorne, N.J. visited Jamaica of March, 2017 to provide free CPR and First AID training to gift various groups in Jamaica with a life-changing skill. 



Previous Juju Tour customers, Dawn and Earl Moses from Missouri, were the first guests to initiate a shoe drive for Jamaica in their hometown church. Dawn and Earl promoted the drive, which they chose to call "Shoes for Jamaica", and collected over 100 pairs of sneakers, boots and sandals. By joining forces with Juju, the shoes arrived safely to the island and were distributed to countless adults and children in need. This shoe collection has inspired more guests to initiate shoe and clothing drives among their friends, coworkers and churches.

A special thanks to Paul and Wanda of Tennesse, Yen Malhotra of Maryland , Debra Drobnick and Jen Bobkoskie of Ohio, Caela Graves of Ohio, Gaynor Maddox from the U.K., Shelly Brown and family from Georgia and Debbie Montone and Lisa Barone of Hawthorne, New Jersey for initiating their own fundraisers in honor of The Good Juju Charity Project.


How You Can Help

There are many ways to give back to Jamaicans in need while vacationing on the island.

Countryside Tour

St. Anthony Soup Kitchen

Volunteer at the Saint Anthony Soup Kitchen in Negril. Monday - Friday, 11 AM - 1:30 PM. Volunteers assist in preparing, serving and clean-up.

Take the Countryside Tour and donate school supplies, shoes or books to a local school. 10% Discount given to guests with donations. The Good Juju Charity Project provides free donation pickups from all hotels in Negril and Montego Bay. Free school visits offered every Wednesday.

Hospital Visit & DOnations

Visit and bring gifts to the patients of the Sav-La-Mar Hospital children’s ward. Visiting hours 12:45-1:45 PM. Strict dress code required. Toys, games, toiletries and medical donations welcome.

Donate medical items to a local clinic.  (See our donation page for a suggested list of items).

Nurses, doctors or dentists may offer free medical clinics (must provide own equipment).


Teach a lesson at a local school or a skill to local families. (i.e., make an educational presentation, teach a photography lesson, teach a CPR or First Aid class. Suggestions are always welcomed).

Privately tutor a student or students at a local school or library.

Provide free counseling sessions to adults or children (must be a licensed counselor or psychologist).

Pack With A Purpose

Donate clothing items, shoes, toiletries, infant supplies or groceries to a local family. Distribute them on our Countryside Tour, take advantage of our free school visits every Wednesday, or meet us in your hotel lobby and we will pick them up for free. Please see our Donations page for suggested list of items.)


Donate animal supplies to the Negril Spay and Neuter Clinic.
See our donations page for a suggested list of items.


Donate construction materials to a family or school in midst of a building project.

Lend a hand on a renovation project - paint, mix concrete, hammer and nail – there’s always help needed in local schools and homes.

Monetary Donation


Make a monetary donation to the purpose of your choice!


Please be advised transportation rates apply for all school, hospital and soup kitchen visits.


The Program

Established in 2012, Good Juju’s Send-a-Child-to-School-Program is a non-profit scholarship providing a free education for nursery school students at the Broughton Remnant Basic School, E.C.I. in Broughton, Jamaica. The program offers free uniforms, shoes, bags, lunch and taxi fare to thirty Jamaican children per year. Fully subsidized are monthly staff salaries and educational supplies, which are donated to the school on a regular basis by generous tour guests. Extracurricular activities, such as school trips, are also supported when additional funds become available. The students, whose ages range from ages 2-5, all come from heavily impoverished backgrounds. Most of the children’s parents are single mothers. The program not only offers an opportunity for each child to enjoy a stimulating and safe learning environment five days a week, but ensures each students receives a nutritional meal every day. Additionally, the Send-a-Child-to-School-Program relieves the financial burden from families who typically would not be able to send their children to school on a frequent basis.

The Purpose

Children missing school due to financial constraints is a recurring trend that can be found taking place in most Jamaican communities. Although the Ministry of Education claims that school in Jamaica is free, the truth is, parents face an intimidating list of expenses at the beginning of every school year. The list of items often include multiple uniforms, closed-toe shoes, lunch, books, and transportation. Many families simply don’t have the funds required to cover these costs, forcing them to keep their children home from school. The detriment of frequent school absence is critical: fundamental skills remain undeveloped and the child is often deprived a healthy diet. Most importantly, children are forced to remain within a destitute home setting which can lack the positive stimulation required for them to thrive.  School is a necessary part of all children’s life, though in Jamaica, school particularly offers an escape for children living in extreme poverty.

How You Can Help

It costs roughly $500 USD to send one nursery school child to school each year.  Covered under this expense are brand new uniforms, school shoes, socks, a book bag, a lunch box, books, lunch every day and taxi fare for each student. This fee also contributes to staff salaries and utilities such as light, running water and cleaning supplies. Only the bare minimum for the school and the students are currently being covered by the Good Juju Charity Project. Additional funds are greatly needed in order to improve resources and provide an enhanced learning experience. Covering expenses such as playground maintenance, printer ink, class trips and school parties continue to pose great challenges. However, the program’s success thus far wouldn't have been possible without the help of our generous tour guests and those who believe in making education attainable for all. We hope you'll consider visiting our beloved nursery school and donating to our cause today.

Suggested Donations

American and Canadian dollar stores are always a great place to find inexpensive and useful donations.
Visitors are welcome to bring additional items not listed.  

 School Supplies

Notebooks, folders, paper, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paint, art supplies, calculators, flash cards, rulers, coloring books, workbooks, educational DVDs or computer games, etc.

Infant Supplies

Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, clothing, blankets, etc. (Some mothers who are malnourished cannot produce breastmilk to feed their babies. Most formula are sold in travel packs, which are much lighter in weight than that sold in the tin.)

Clothing Items and Shoes

Adult or children's new or used. (We kindly ask that all used items are in EXCELLENT condition.) All school shoes must be closed toe black or brown formal shoes.

General Medical Items and Toiletries

Tylenol, vitamins, first aid ointment, band aids, feminine products, soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes and floss.

Toys & Games

Dolls, blocks, cars, games, cards, crayons, arts and crafts, etc.  

Computers and Electronics

Donate any new or used laptops, printers or tablets to any school. All are in great need of electronics for educational purposes.

Animal Supplies

The Negril Spay and Neuter Clinic are kindly requesting donations of sutures, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, gauze, disposable drapes, iodine, rubbing alcohol, medical tape, fela/tick pills, activated charcoal (toxiban) cone collars, dog tie out cables or chains, collars, leashes, blue DAWN dishwashing liquid or pet shampoo, food and medical supplies. Monetary donations also greatly needed to help reduce the amount of stray and hungry animals in Negril!
Monetary donations to the Negril Spay and Neueter Clinic can be made here.




Due to the high expense of shipping and the corruption typically experienced at airport customs, it is strongly advised that visitors do not ship any donations to the island. We suggest mixing up donations within personal items in suitcases; wrapping up gifts in clothing and making them as unobvious as possible. In the event of a visitor having a great deal of donations, additional suitcases are the least expensive method of getting donation items to Jamaica. Visitors should then state "no items to claim" on their Immigration form and use the Green Line at customs. Going this route saves the headache of possibly paying large custom and duty fees.