MEET The Team


Angela Eastwick a.k.a. “JuJu”

In 2010, Angela moved permanently from New York City to Jamaica. She started Juju Tours by walking up and down Negril’s Seven Mile Beach handing out business cards to hotel guests. For four years, she worked as Juju’s primary tour guide, driving visitors all around the island while continuously looking for Jamaica’s best hidden gems. Angela continues to own and operate Juju Tours and the company’s non-profit organization, The Good Juju Charity Project. In 2014, she and her partner, Jermelee, opened up a private villa on Negril’s West End called Somewhere West. In October of 2017, the couple introduced the property’s new restaurant & bar, Nourine’s Kitchen. For more on moving to Jamaica, read up on Angela’s how-to column at Ask Angi.

Richie (2).jpg

Noel Anderson a.k.a. “Richie”

Meet Richie, Juju’s most popular tour guide and driver. Richie began working in the tourism industry as a busboy at Negril’s infamous Rockhouse Hotel when he was just 21 years old. Richie worked his way up the ladder as a food runner, a server and then as a bartender, where he remained working for thirteen and a half years. Now as a tour guide for Juju, Richie is best known for his million-dollar smile, great sense of humor and outstanding professionalism. Richie says his favorite excursion is hard to choose, but he especially enjoys boat tours with his partner in crime and Juju’s boat captain, Seymour Brown. It just so happens that Richie was also born and raised in the District of Broughton, the same community where Juju’s exclusive Countryside Tour and community outreach efforts take place.


Seymour Brown a.k.a. “SB Real or Zoug”

Seymour first began his career in water sports and tourism more than fifteen years ago as an employee for the all-inclusive RIU Hotels. In time, Seymour branched out by investing in his own glass-bottom boat. Always professional and on time, he can be found snorkeling with the guests on each and every boat tour in order to ensure their safety and comfort. He also best known for his guided underwater tours. Seymour has been Juju’s go-to boat captain since 2010 and even has the company’s logo painted on the side of his boat!


Glennis Williams a.k.a. “Patcha Grey”

Patcha Grey is Juju’s outsourced transportation partner. Having been in the tourism sector for over 21 years, Patcha prides himself on offering rides in any one of his clean and modern vehicles. Patcha can be found providing service to Juju’s large groups of 10-30 persons and taking care of the company’s many airport transfers.


Nicola Maxwell a.k.a. “Nicky”

Always on time and professional, Nicky has been a member of the tourism sector since 2010 and a driver for Juju for the past four years. Just thirty years old, Nicky can be found driving both large and small groups and is also trained and licensed to drive Patcha Grey’s coaster bus. Nicky’s professionalism, promptness and clean presentation is continually enjoyed by guests. She can usually be found driving Juju’s large groups of 10-15 persons as well as taking care of the company’s many airport transfers.

Juju’s list of vendors is long and thorough. Though many are not listed on this page, those that are seen on tour are trusted merchants that have maintained a solid working relationship with Juju since the company’s start in 2010. We are proud to support local Jamaican vendors and happy to give our guests the opportunity to do so as well.